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  • Frequent Asked Questions
  • How to Buy
  • How do I book a show?

    First, visit the page of the show you would like to book. Select the date you wish to go by clicking the calendar icon under the "Choose the date to buy" heading on this page. Click on the date you wish to book.

    Second, choose the number of participants in your group buy, then click “add to the car” button. Be sure to click the booking button “next”. You will then be prompted to fill the form with your details, after fill out all required fields please press the button”next”.

    On the following page, review your selected booking information, and click the " Yes, this is ok, proceed to payment” button to enter your payment details. After viewing the receipt transaction from REDUNICRE network, be sure to complete your order!

  • What forms of payment do you accept?

    Visa and master card.

    Please note that your credit card account will be charged upon booking.

  • Is my payment secure?

    Yes. By using our secure online payment system, your payment information is encrypted, you are secured against fraud.

  • After I make a booking, how long will I wait to receive my voucher?

    Once you submit your booking the show will be confirm immediately, and you will receive a voucher via email. Please print your voucher and bring it, along with a valid photo ID for the traveler named on the ticket.

  • How do I contact Fado in Chiado team?

    You can contact us by email:bilheteira@geniusymeios.pt or by Phone: +351 961 717 778 this mobile number is available 24/7

  • How do I ask a question about the show before making a booking?

    If you have any specific question, please contact us by email:bilheteira@geniusymeios.pt.

    We´ll answer you within 24h hours.

  • What should I do if I’m having trouble making a booking?

    Please contact us immediately by email:bilheteira@geniusymeios.pt If you´re send us an email, please specific the problem, by inform us the error message that you are receiving.

  • Choose Show

    Step 1 - Choose show location? - By default show location will be the one chosen by clicking on the BUY button - Fado in Chiado (Lisbon) or Fado in Porto (Porto).

    Step 2 - Who is buying? - Choose Individual or Agency.

    Individual? Continue to Step 3- Click Next!

    Agency? Lets talk! The are more steps before going to Order Details

    First time? Register your Agency.

    Regular customer please Login and follow as usual.

  • Order Details

    Step 1 - Here you will find information regarding pricing details and you will have to choose the date to buy on the input box. Click the box, a pop-up callendar will appear, choose your day. You can choose today or erase your choise.

    Step 2 - 2 new input boxes are now visible, one for adults and one for children, click and choose how many of each type of tickes you need (ex.: 2 Adult and 1 child? Choose 2 on the first box and 1 on the second box). The number of tickets available are also visible now.

    Step 3 - Click button - Add to cart

    A message confirming your request is now visible, ex.: Ticket(s) added to the cart: 2 Adult(s) ticket(s) for the day 04/11/2015, Ticket(s) added to the cart: 1 Child(s) ticket(s) for the day 04/11/2015

    Step 4 - Click Next.

  • Your Details

    Step 1 - Please fill the form with your personnal information, all fiels must be filled, this is important, thank you.

    Step 2 - Click Next.

  • Confirm Order

    Step 1 - Please confirm your order

    You are about to end this process, if everything was ok 1 order is visible, if you made some try and error maybe more were added at this point, no problem, just click to close the x boxes below the price, that will erase them. Read carefully your order and our disclaimer.

    Step 2 - Every thing is ok? Click the button - Yes, this is ok proceed to Payment.

    Follow payment instructions.

    After payment your receipt will be displayed on screen.

    You can print or show it on your mobile device at the venue.


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